Ride Height Gauge for Racing Application

Merlin Performance
Ride Height Gauge Set

Fastest, easiest and repeatable accuracy.

Adjustable race car ride height gauge

NEW Ride Height Gauge Tool

Four (4) ride height gauges, one (1) for each corner of your race car. Also included is an assortment of five (5) short contact pins (for ride heights up to 4 inches) and two (2) 16 inch pins that you can cut to size for dirt cars or if you set ride height while on scales. There is also an Allan® wrench, a calibration block and simple instructions.
No measurements to remember. When the pointer is within the two small lines, the chassis is within 1/16th inch. When on the heavy black line it is exact.
Knowing the desired measurement and pre-setting the pin height.
Approximately 24 inches long. Can measure ride height as low as 2 inches. To measure a lower ride height, a small tab may be welded onto the side of the chassis to provide a measuring point higher than the bottom of the chassis.
The primary intent for this tool is for the "Saturday Night" racer who has one car. Some multi-car teams have reported that they change the pin height for different division cars with no concerns. Others have set it for the lowest car and made sleeves for the higher ones. View frequently asked questions regarding the MP ride height gauge tool.

Ride Height Gauge Views

Ride Height Gauge - Set of 4 Ride Height Gauge - Pin Close Up Ride Height Gauge - Scale Close Up