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Save Time and Energy and Discover Repeatable Accuracy

No more getting on your hands and knees or laying on the floor. No more lost accuracy by bending tape measures or reaching under the car and hoping the gauge is straight. No more recording measurements and doing the math to calculate the needed change. Racers agree, using the MP Height Gauge is the best way to check the ride height. Just slide the gauges under the chassis and walk around the car to view the indicators.

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Merlin Performance Ride Height Gauge

Setting the ride height is one of the most important steps of a race car set-up. It ranks right up there with scaling the car. The ride height effects the roll center and that effects how the weight is going to transfer. The Merlin Performance Products' ride height gauge is the fastest and easiest ride height gauge to use.

In addition to being fast and easy to use, the Merlin performance gauge has a 4 to 1 ratio providing all of the needed accuracy. Using the MP gauge, you will know if your ride height is exactly where you wanted it be. It will keep the ride height setting consistent. There are enough variables to contend with on race day, this gauge will provide the accuracy needed to help maintain the ride height and roll center.

Unlike most other ride height gauges on the market, Merlin Performance takes it a step further by including four ride height gauges, that is, one for each corner of your race car. Each gauge is easily calibrated for its specific corner. Every time the chassis is adjusted it will be set to the same height.

The MP ride height gauge is made from the highest quality materials and we offer a one year warranty.

Adjustable Ride Height Gauge (set of 4)

Adjustable Ride Height Gauge, set of 4, Intro Price: $179.00

As easy as...

1 Set to desired height for
each corner.

2 Slide under the chassis.

3 Stand back to view;
you’re done.

Ride Height Gauge Views

Adjustable ride height gauge